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I study Unity3D from various sources, including but not limited to the official Unity3D tutorials, Coursera. I listed some of the works in the learning process. If you are interested, you can play a little 😛

Click on the game name to jump to the game page. The games use WebGL, so mobile devices are not supported.

I’m still learning Blender. If you are interested in my work in Blender, you can see here.

The order is in reverse order, which is the latest one at the top.

Space Shooter  –  5/12/2018

Click to play

Use the WASD button to control the spacecraft. Use the LMB/Space Bar to fire bullets. Hit the asteroids and enemies get some score. Bump the asteroid will make the spacecraft explode. Please avoid the enemy bullets. If you bump the enemy’s spacecraft, you will explode. After the game is over, press the “R” button to restart.


Box Shotter  –  5/3/2018

Click to play

Use the WASD key to manipulate the character. The LMB/spacebar fires a bullet, hits the green box to score, hits the yellow box reduces the time and hits the white box increases the time.


Roller Madness  –  4/12/2018

Click to play

Control the red ball and eat more coins. The orange box will chase you all the time. Please avoid it.


Solar System Simulation  –  4/1/2018

Click to play

Feel free to click, just my first demonstration project XD

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